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Mission Statement

Virginia’s Academic-Year Governor’s Schools exist to provide gifted students a learning environment stimulating academic and artistic growth. These academic communities foster climates of inquiry, intellectual curiosity, risk-taking and innovation while providing opportunities to expand knowledge and develop advanced skills.

Investing In Virginia’s Future

Governor’s schools help Virginia’s gifted students compete on a national and global stage and many have received national recognition for their accomplishments.

Governor’s schools have brought national recognition to Virginia. Each year, both Maggie L. Walker and Thomas Jefferson are highly ranked by Newsweek and U.S. News and World Report.

The Governor’s school system is a successful example of multi-jurisdictional collaboration and a testament to the enormous benefits of regional cooperation.

Governor’s schools are an asset to economic development and draw business to the state. Quality education is highly ranked by business looking to invest in a new location.

Educating Virginia’s Brightest Minds

Governor’s schools provide an education choice for Virginia’s gifted students. Low enrollment numbers may make specialized AP or IB classes impractical for smaller jurisdictions. By participating in regional governor’s schools, small localities can offer alternatives to their gifted students.

Governor’s schools provide advanced curricula allowing high-achieving students to learn at a pace appropriate to their needs.

Differentiated services are available for generally gifted students and for those excelling in specific disciplines such as art or science.